Do you know what is Adultery? And How Does it affect one Spiritually?

Adultery is called as an Extra Marital Affair, or in simple arguments it is sexual intercourse between a married person and anyone other than his or her spouse) is considered as Adultery.



Let’s understand How Does Extra Marital Affair Matter Spiritually, IF There is no love in your heart, then anyway you are an adulteress, I mean to say here is that without love in your heart if you have given yourself to any aspect of life for any kind of convince or comfort and not necessarily a man or a woman for that matter, you are adulterer.

I totally against adultery but if you’re thinking about what is considered socially as adultery, it is totally depend upon individual call and for each and every action that you perform there is a consequence, most of the people are not willing to face or accept the consequences when they come against their joyfully act, but without facing the consequences they want to have sex situations that they enjoy.

For instance, anybody who is not willing to except the consequences that come to them for whatever actions they perform is just a fool. and fool is somebody who is against himself in so many ways, anybody who works against himself, anybody who turns himself against himself or herself against herself.

And with your Karma or actions If You’re turning yourself against yourself the that’s is not OK, because you are doing things without sense and not doing things by the choice, So if you’re doing things senselessly simply because you have given into some aspect of your body or you have no control on your sexual emotions then definitely that’s not ok because you will bring suffering to yourself, anything that brings suffering to any human being Especially to himself, is not OK.

Are you living your life sensibly that’s the question?


Senseless life is sin, if you live sensibly in a way that creator will be proud of you, it’s fine, if you just given into either the ways of your body or your emotion or lust or your mind and going against your self is not sensible,

For instance, such senselessness, is it wrong? I am not even saying it’s wrong, it’s just very Limited and stupid and I have never termed anything right or wrong in my life but anything that’s Limited and stupid is not worth while at all,

Adultery in a relationship is not about right or wrong, it is just a question of sense and consequence.

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