This is the sole reason why our elders have always and will always keep on insisting us to attain the religious education in addition to professional education.

We all know that ever since we started our schooling’s, we have been continuously taught by our teachers that – ‘Life is a journey full of success and failure, sorrow and happiness’ and there is nothing contradictory\wrong in this statement. But what we were never taught in our schools was the fact that life is a journey of traversing through 3 stages of life. The journey of life that was not talked about when we were in schools is taught to us by our holy books, be it Gita / Bible / Quran / Guru Granth Sahib etc. This is the sole reason why our elders have always and will always keep on insisting us to attain the religious education in addition to professional education. Taking religious or philosophical aspects into consideration, we can have our life into following 3 stages:

Belonging to HOMO SAPIENS, it will be a harsh expectation from mankind to directly reach the 3rd stage. It is of extreme importance for us to traverse through these stages of life in the sequence depicted in the above flowchart.  In this composition, I will try my best to let all of you understand what these 3 stages of life are all about.


Materialistic or Physical Happiness

The Food , Cloth’s and A House is all that is needed for us to keep our soul and body intact and these are the 3 necessary things that can help us to attain the materialistic\physical happiness. If God’s blessings are with us, there will surely come a stage in our life where we can think that we have enough ‘Food , Cloth’s and A House’ now and time has come for us to enter the next phase of life i.e. ‘Happiness of Mind’. But believe me, it is very difficult for human race to come out of this vicious first stage of life though not impossible. If we stay in this stage of life, money making will be our sole priority throughout. Our human community will not allow us to come out of this stage. I will try to illustrate the line of difference which can enable us to decide when we are ready for entry to Stage 2 with help of 2 examples.

Example 1:

Suppose I am approximately 45 years old. My parents\relatives\friends will keep on taunting me by saying that even at the age of 45, I don’t have my own home, car etc. which will make me to introspect myself that why have I failed to achieve these materialistic things even at the age of 45. This introspection is somewhat needed also, because to provide a permanent shelter to my family is my basic duty. So, I must re-access the whole scenario and try to figure out what actually went wrong and what I should do now to buy a house sufficient enough to accommodate my family.


Example 2:-

Here also I supposed myself to be 45 years old but with one thing different from the earlier example. In this scenario, by the time I attained the age of 45, I have successfully owned a home, big enough to accommodate my family.  I was almost ready now to enter the stage 2 of life but then again got haunted by the taunts of family\friends\relatives who try to convince me by saying that now you should start looking for a more luxurious home which is now a need of the hour as per my social status. My mind finally came out of the contentment and said I NEED MORE’ and then I got engulfed with finding new ways to earn more money to buy the luxurious home thereby pushing me deeper into the stage 1 of life which will never allow me to come out of this stage and enter stage 2. So, in this stage of life it is impossible to get happiness.

There are few of us who can analyze this thin line of difference and those who can analyze it are the real winners of stage 1 and the rest keep on needlessly pushing the walls to attain something that is not at all mandatory for life.

Happiness of Mind:-

Champions of stage one enter the stage two. When we enter stage 2, our tastes of life automatically changes. Suddenly our love and taste develops for art, literature and we like ourselves to be accompanied by intellectuals. By intellectuals I mean the people who have already entered stage 2 and very much enjoying their time of life in stage 2. The people in stage 2 are not pinched by the remarks like ‘You must own a more luxurious home now.’ When we enter the stage 2, we can never be compatible with stage 1 people because stage 1 people will always consider stage 2 people as fools. To prove this incompatibility in behavior, I will illustrate another small example.

Example 1:-

Now I have entered stage 2 and as I mentioned, I will always like to be engulfed by people of stage 2 only because like attracts like. Suppose I am 50 years old, and I am just looking for a suitable match for my son but with a strict condition- ‘I will not accept a single penny as dowry’. Now stage 1 people will always consider me a fool by suggesting me that I am losing a golden opportunity of earning ‘N’ amount of money and my mind will always avoid to be in company of these insane stage 1 people.

The contentment that comes by rejecting such opportunities to earn money is a proof of our successful stint in stage 2 and nothing can stop us from attaining the happiness of mind.

3)  Happiness of Soul:- 

Then comes the next and the probably the last stage of life i.e. Happiness of Soul. This stage is related to refinement of our soul. It is the highest purpose of life.


When we reach at this stage, first time in our life we successfully stop discrimination. I will try to take an example from the one of the Literature to illustrate what I mean by the word ‘Stop Discrimination’. When there arose circumstances to stand up against atrocities of few rulers, GURU GOBIND SINGH without having a second thought, gave directions to his 4 sons that it is now their turn to fight against the atrocities. He was very much aware that sacrifice of lives of his sons was very much on the cards in this fight against atrocities. But he still sent his sons, because he was at stage 3 and considered the whole Sikh Community as his sons and to protect the life of Lakhs of his sons, he willingly let 4 of his sons to sacrifice their life. Now such acts of bravery cannot be replicated by someone who is in stage 1 and stage 2. Only the one who have entered the stage 3 can replicate it. This is the stage when we get the real love of life.  Now this is called the highest purpose of life and this is what is taught to us by our holy books i.e. attainment of happiness of soul. The people who have successfully entered the stage 3 are called the Mahatma’