Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “to join.” Yoga is both union and the Union of self to divine. The Meditation is important key factor of Yoga.

Yoga and Meditation Connection

Meditation and yoga are self-inner engineering and are interrelated, they always work together, The Yoga is set of postures or single unique positions or Pranayama (The Breathing Exercise), Yoga postures are great mechanism to prepare human body for meditation things. Yoga is not only about making our body healthy, strong and flexible. It guides us to make ourselves healthy strong and flexible. Yoga postures are designed to scientifically prepare the body to meditate.

Yoga is done with external exercises and meditation is key of internal yoga. Meditation deals with mental relaxation and concentration. Here, attention is focused on thoughts and breath. Being aware of breathing automatically controls the thought process and therefore relaxes mind completely.

According to the Indian sages, when you talk to the Lord and He listens, it is prayer. When He talks and you listen in silence, it is Meditation.


There few Yoga posture which we must do before start the meditation.



Meditation is defined in various ways by different masters. Continuously fixing the attention of the mind on a single thing.

Even Chanting of Mantra and sincere prayers done with an emotional upsurge leads to meditation (the Super-Conscious One may take any symbol like OM and concentrate on that sound). One may imagine the form of one’s favorite personal God and concentrate on each part of His body starting from the nails and toes of the Lord’s feet and going up to the hairs on His head and finally on his entire form. There are methods of concentrating on the Lord in the form of the entire universe (Sun and the Moon being his eyes etc.) known a (meditation on the cosmic form).