Those who are sick and young need more sleep, but if you are healthy then you have to pay less attention on sleep.

Following three tips are essential ingredients of a powerful mind and will prove very much (I am not saying most) effective:

I) Good behaviour/Empathy: Your behaviour or attitude towards your fellow humans is most important factor. According to a study, behaviours that keep your heart healthy also boost your brain power. In other words, a beautiful heart is the most essential ingredient for a healthy and smart mind. A pure heart free of any negative emotions like, hate, envy, selfishness, fear, rage and anger is a pre-requisite of a powerful mind. Our heart works like an automotive battery without which even the most powerful engine is good for nothing.

2) Healthy food and lifestyle choices: While most of us know the basics of human brain training (mentally stimulating activities, such as, learning a new language, doing cross word or being socially active), but now a clutch of studies show that lifestyle choices – healthy diet, daily exercise, no smoking, no drinking, controlling high blood pressure/cholesterol/blood glucose levels etc. – may play a bigger role than believed earlier. The basic blueprint for vision, language and memory in the brain is progressively refined by how we choose to use it. With a little effort your brain will be as sharp as you want it to be. 

Finally, love is the food of the heart. Same as the books are the food of the mind


3) Avoiding overthinking: Overthinking causes confusion, chaos, and restlessness and is harmful to your mind as overeating is harmful to your body. Overthinking is the killer of creative abilities. Start meditation to relax your mind. Even a simple 10 minutes exercise of deep breathing in the morning can do wonders.

-Developing Reading Habits: Great minds need to read extensively. But just becoming a reader is not enough. In order to become a good reader, one must know what to read. Selecting good reading material requires extensive study and with the time and practice you can separate the chaff from the wheat and become good reader (great stuff). Always try to keep a book with you while you are travelling or commuting long distances. Also keep a book at the side table of your bed. Use of dictionary is also a must.

Imagination:-You need to express what you have learned (your ideas) in a very powerful way to inspire the people. And in order to start writing you have to use your imagination power too. The more powerful your imagination, the sharper your mind. Imagination is, according to some experts, the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through five senses. In your imagination, you can travel any where at the speed of light. It also makes it possible to experience a whole world inside your mind. But remember that overthinking is an enemy of the imagination. And to improve your power of imagination you have to open your mind to unexplored paths. And as already pointed out the more you read, the more ideas and imagination you have.


5. Meditation

People who meditate are likelier to have a sharper, smarter brain according to this study. Practice 15 minutes of mindfulness every day. There are different ways to do so: breathe in and out, chant a mantra, or stare at a candle in a quiet room. Many CDs and audio tapes of guided meditation are also available. Listening to these daily can improve focus and concentration, making your brain sharper.

6. Games

Top brain games include chess, crossword puzzles, word searches, math puzzles etc. Play these daily with your kids/friends.

7. Mind Exercise

Instead of whipping out the calculator, do a little mental math while you are at the grocery store. Try and total up the amount for items purchased. These simple tips can keep your brain sharper.