We Must do the Yoga Exercises in order to make our body fit and healthy, It’s said that Yoga should be performed in the Morning time in front of rising Sun. It can be practiced by people of all age groups without any cost. If you are kind to read my Post, I personally insist all of you to just give a chance yourself and start doing it at-least for 10 days initially, even though you do not have time or you won’t wake up in time of sun rise or you feel lazy or whatever the reason you have. I must say after 7 days You will start feeling better, curable, and energetic with all possible great things.


I feel many people are searching the best fit yoga practice for better cure, But Please do not confuse with which posture and which yoga exercise should we do? or which one will be best fit for me?  here I am going to elaborate Top Most effective set of Yoga postures which gives you lot of benefits without any cost.

Our ancestors had gifted us with precious yoga-science of well-being. However, with changing civilizations and environment towards the life, the people mostly became materialistic and ignored the ancient sciences. One is so busy making money and seeking sensual pleasures and more comforts that one tends to neglect the fact that the mind-body system is also like a machine, which needs careful maintenance and ‘re-charging’ of its components and power units. As a result, one is facing problems and challenges on the health front. This article introduces the real meaning and benefits of yoga for refreshment of body and mind.

Before starting any yoga, one needs to warm up the body and eliminate the stiffness of the muscles. “Gati Yoga is the best for this purpose.

Conditioning Exercises for People of All Age-Groups

Step (1) Stand straight for few seconds. Then jump up slightly and spread both the legs (distance between the feet should be about 10-12 inches). Then spread both the arms sideways, keep them straight at the level of the shoulders. After few seconds,take the
arms straight upwards; make a clap with the hands in this posture and come back to normal attention posture with a jump. Repeat this cycle 5 -8 times.


General Guidelines:
Every beginners should first try to practice each of the listed exercise one by one separately. and then one may try the complete sequence of the sixteen exercise as described in the following section.

The Sequence of Yoga:-

1st Level (Tadasana):- The word “Tadasana” is Sanskrit word, which meaning is stand like “Palm tree”.  This exercise helps enough blood supply in the heart. relief from the constipation and instantly removes lethargy. It is also beneficial in the case of weakness of the heart and blood disorders.

A – Raise both the hands upward with inhaling gradually and deeply slowly. Look upwards to the sky. 4 to 5 Sec Max


B- Hold your breath inside 3 Sec Max and go to the 2nd Position level below.

2nd Level (Pad hastasana):- It removes gastric trouble ,  helps reducing fat on the tummy and increasing the flexibility of the spinal cord. How to DO :->

A-  From the posture of tadasan , bring both the hands downward  and exhale slowly and consistent pace at the same time and bow the head down to touch the knees, also attempt making the palms touch the floor if possible or go with the possible level. do not stretch too much.


B-Hold your breath out for several seconds and come back to the normal standing posture.

3rd Level (Vajrasan): helpful in maintaining digestion and curing gastric problem & constipation. How to DO :->


Fold the knee and make a seat with the feet. It is relaxing posture. Inhale and exhale comfortingly and Hold your breath out for several seconds and move to next 4th level.

4th Level (Ustrasana):– Full camel pose, is highly recommended pose because it makes our body fit, Regular practice of this pose helps you improve the core strength, gain stamina, and make your hip and shoulder flexible.

  1. Sit down Place your hands on the hips.
  2. Your knees should be in line with the shoulders and the sole of your feet should be facing the ceiling.
  3. As you inhale, draw in your tail-bone towards the pubis as if being pulled from the navel.
  4. Simultaneously, arch your back and slide your palms over your feet till the arms are straight.
  5. Do not strain or flex your neck but keep it in a neutral position.
  6. Stay in this posture for a couple of breaths.
  7. Breathe out and slowly come back to the initial pose. Withdraw your hands and bring them back to your hips as you straighten up


Come to 3rd level and Exhale while sitting into vajrasana.

Don’t do this pose if you have lower back pain – either mild or severe

5th (Yoga mudrasana):-  This posture further helps curing severe gastric troubles, setting the metabolic activities right and increasing the appetite.  How to DO :->


Exhale while sitting into vajrasana and try to touch the forehead on the floor , clench together both the palms at the back and stretch upwardly and place the head on the floor so that the chest and the stomach touch the thighs. Hold the breath out for few seconds.

6th Level (Ardh Tadasan) :-This Exercise gives a natural and mild traction to the neck and allays the problems. How to DO :->


Being seated in the posture of vajrasan like ( 3rd level ), raise both the arms and eyes upwards. Hold the breath inside and stretch the arms as much as you can without pain. Focus your eyes on the hands. and release the Hold in next level of exercise.

7th Level (Shashankasan) :- This Exercise eliminates the problem of constipation and soothingly stretches the muscles within and between the anus and buttock regions. It relaxes the sitica nerves and also helps in regularizing the secretions from the adrenal gland. How to DO :->


Release the Hold and Exhale Simultaneously, sit in the posture of vajrasan like 3rd level and keep both the arms stretched outwardly in front of the chest. Place the palms on the floor,The arms should remain straight with palms touching the floor. Hold the breath outside for few seconds.

8th Level (Bhujangasan) :-  This exercise is also recommended as a remedy against cervical and several other problems of the spine or back. it is especially beneficial for healthy functioning of the liver and kidneys. How to DO :->


Inhale deeply and pull your waist upwards. Toes and palm should remain at the same place where these were in the previous posture but now the arms should stand straighten. The knees and thighs should touch the floor. Draw your chest and head upwards and raise the head like a snake’s hood. Hold the breath inside
and bend the head backwards slightly to stare the sky.

9th Level (Tiryak Bhujangasan) :- In the posture of bhujangasan, exhale slowly and Now inhale turn the neck towards the left and try looking at the heel of right foot. Then hold the breath for few seconds. With exhalation bring the head in the front.


10th Level Tiryak Bhujangasan:- In the posture of bhujangasan, exhale slowly and Now inhale turn the neck towards the right and try looking at the heel of left foot. Then hold the breath for few seconds. With exhalation bring the head in the front.


11th Level Shashankasan :- Return to the posture of level 7.


12th Level (Ardh Tadasan):- Return to the posture of level 5.



13th Level:- (Ushtrasan):- This will inflate your chest and also provides exercise to muscles of the genital organs. 

Stand on your knees with the toes touching the floor and the heels facing backwards. Exhale slowly, Almost simultaneously, bend backwards to place the palms on the heels from the backside. Inhale deeply while looking upwards.



14th Level:- (Pad hastasana):- Coming back to 2nd level position With a deep chant of ‘Om’, inhale slowly and deeply and sit down the to relax.



15th Level -Mountain Pose (Tadasana):

Repeat Level 1.


16th Level –Coming back to original position:-


These 16 steps complete one round of the Yoga Exercise. with gradual progress, one may complete 3 to 5 rounds every day.

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Inspired By Shri Ram Sharma Acharya Ji.